Our services


Private, semi-private, and small group equipment pilates are our specialty! We have mat classes, gyrokinesis and foam rolling sessions as well.

Physical Therapy

This is the kind of personalized and focused rehabilitation you have dreamt about: one-on-one, individualized and comprehensive.

Gait Analysis

Running may seem simple, you have done it since you were a kid. But, running efficiently and safely is no small task. Let us help you find you stride.

What else we provide?

Deep Tissue Massage/Stretching/Myofascial Release

Hop up on the table and let yourself be moved in ways you never thought possible. Our trained professionals will help you find mobility and pain relief through the most proven methods of hands-on-care.

Free coffee

Maybe it's coffee, tea, or a cool refill on your bottle of water, we aim to please and help you along the way to your best self.

Great Music, Great Vibes

Come as you are, take the time for self care and improvement, enjoy the smell and sounds of hard work and fun.

Private Sessions
Posture Cues
Cozy T-shirts
Clean Towels

What our awesome clients say

I had an amazing experience at Pilates Detroit! Would highly recommend to anyone, Allison is truly knowledgeable and gifted. I can't wait to go back!

Jewelry Designer

My journey to self care would never have begun without Pilatesdetroit. I have had a few nagging injuries over the years and until I was enlightened with the Pilatesdetroit self care mindset, I was in a lot of pain constantly. I have been working Pilatesdetroit for the past few months and the progress I have made both physically and mentally has been off the charts. Allison’s approach to every aspect of not only getting you fixed but also stronger in the process, has really helped in my journey. I can’t thank Allison and Pilatesdetroit enough for what they have done and continue to do to assist me on my journey to self care.


I started Pilates here with Allison what seems like not that long ago. I love it. I'm never bored or feeling like we're repeating the same workout each week. It's always something new that keeps strengthening and moving me forward. I went to Allison because of a neck/shoulder issue and feel like that's gone now, and I'm just strengthening and building. I highly recommend Pilates Detroit!

Dental Hygienist

Who we are

The Pilates Detroit Team is comprised of individuals with long and varied backgrounds in the movement sciences, who share one common mission: helping others. With nearly 40+ cumulative years of working with clients and patients between us, our expertise is hard earned and beyond compare. Below is the framework of our method to helping others help themselves .

  • Body Mechanics and Postural Analysis
  • Assessments and Plans
  • Goal Setting- Short and Long Term
Pilates Instructors
Movement Specialists
Posture Perfecters
Empowerment Team

Allison Nakisher, MPT
Physical Therapist, Stott Pilates Instructor, Owner

Combining pilates with rehabilitation is a new and unique approach to health and wellness. At Pilates Detroit, each of our team members comes with their own special set of skills. We have instructors who are licensed massage therapists, yoga instructors, certified gyrokinesis/gyrotonic experts, Rolfers, and personal trainers.

Our goal as a team is to provide each individual with a personalized, safe and effective wellness plan in order to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Many of our clients are recent graduates of traditional physical therapy, but do not feel fully prepared to return to their prior activities or embark on new ones.

It is our job at Pilates Detroit to bridge the gap between the medical and fitness worlds. We will give you the tools necessary to safely resume or begin the activities you desire to participate in.

No matter how lofty your goals are, or how simple they may be, the Pilates Detroit team will enable you to reach or exceed them!